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Lead By Example Reverse The Trend was created to help prepare young people in disadvantaged communities for adulthood.  Through redirection and empowerment, enhancing communication and social skills, our mentors help young people become positive, assertive adults who have a strong sense of self- awareness and their true  potential.  

Through the vision and leadership of Antonio Hendrickson Lead By Example Reverse The Trend has evolved from a prison-based mentoring program to a community-based one that has influenced, impacted, and constructively altered the lives of all its participants.

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Lead By Example Reverse The Trend’s unique mentoring program uses the experience of former inmates to show at risk youth the real consequences of their actions. Having been there, done that, Lead By Example Reverse The Trend mentors gain the respect of their mentees and forge strong relationships with parents, teachers, and leaders in the community. This allows them to intervene when trouble arises no matter the time of day or night. By encouraging positive behavior and reminding young people, through real life experience, mentors are able to help explain the perils of truancy, drugs, violence, and bullying before they become a dreaded reality.

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Many of our mentors have lived the life. They’re real people with histories and personal experience of the real issues facing young people in disadvantaged communities today. Our mentors are not academics coming in to troubled communities to tell young people that their behavior - truancy, violence, drugs, and crime - will land them in trouble. Many of our mentors did skip school, did join gangs, and did commit crimes. All have paid their dues and don't want others to make the same mistakes. Our mentors are talking from experience and there’s nothing more powerful than that! Most importantly, our mentors want to give back. They want to Lead by Example and to Reverse the Trend.



Lead By Example Reverse The Trend needs your help! Currently, all mentors and staff volunteer their services to turn back the tides of trouble plaguing young people in disadvantaged communities. So committed is our team, that in some cases, they are working two jobs to fund programs themselves.

We couldn't do this without them, but with your help and support, we can do so much more. By following the links below you can donate money to support our programs or volunteer to become a mentor yourself.  We’re always looking for concerned people who are willing to devote time and energy to the cause.

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Lead By Example Reverse The Trend needs your help! We are always looking to do more for our community, and with your help, we can.

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